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How Tourism Boards can boost their destination visibility with Nezasa!

Despite the negative consequences of  COVID-19 on the travel industry, we are finally starting to see the first signs of recovery. Countries are slowly reopening, domestic travel is restarting, flights are getting ready for takeoff, and travellers are starting to get excited about travelling again.

Luckily, since the tourism industry is all about inspiring travellers to experience new places, new cultures and new people, tourism marketers play a vital role in attracting potential visitors to their regions. So this gives Destination MC's a new and fresh opportunity to promote travel to their destinations once again.

We believe that collaborating in these exceptional times is now more important than ever. Which is why we now feature our new and popular Branded Tours section on our TripBuilder Marketplace Platform, specifically to promote travel destinations to the entire world.

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Branded Tours

Branded Tours contain a set of itinerary templates that are created on the Nezasa Global Marketplace. These are curated trip suggestions designed by Nezasa, a DMO, Tourist Board, Blogger, or other travel entities that allow all Nezasa Marketplace customers to offer them to their final clients. 

The Brands behind these designed trips are destination experts, ensuring a great travel experience by offering itinerary recommendations and travel components that can be instantly booked via the Nezasa Platform. 

These “curated” trips have a strong storytelling approach where each stop and connection contributes to the overall experience of the itinerary.


An example of a Branded Tour collaboration was already described in one of our posts, where we informed about our first cooperation with Brand USA, a travel organization dedicated to marketing the United States as a premier travel destination. 

This organization is now using Nezasa’s technology to feature their pre-designed tours and promote their destination among all Nezasa Marketplace customers.

About Brand USA 

Brand USA works in close partnership with the travel industry to maximize the economic and social benefits of travel. These benefits include fostering understanding between people and cultures and creating jobs essential to the economy.

Want to promote your destination with Nezasa? 

Nezasa’s game-changing booking platform, TripBuilder, simplifies the travel booking experience for agents as well as consumers. Thanks to its live and dynamic product inventory, available through its marketplace, all Tour Operators and Travel Agencies can easily plan and book end-to-end itineraries, in real-time, through one platform.

Moreover, the trip suggestions from the DMO’s will help attract more customers and generate more bookings for that specific destination, displaying all featured and filtered content under your own brand.

How does it work

  1. You just need to provide us with your suggested itinerary package, including the approved itinerary description and pictures.
  2. Our team will then create and publish a curated, branded template for your destination, in order for the TourOperators and Travel Agencies to use TripBuilder’s marketplace, and easily start planning the end trip.

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