Nezasa Blog Picks: Gadgets and Hacks

Nezasa Blog Picks: Gadgets and Hacks

Nezasa Blog Picks: Gadgets and Hacks

To get you inspired for your next vacation, we are doing a series of blog posts to present travel blogs we think you should know about. Each week, we’ll post three blogs covering a specific category or theme. This week, the series covers Travel Gadgets and Hacks.

For even the most intrepid travelers, the big question of what to take and what to leave behind can be a daunting one. Should you bring that big camera or can you get it done with just a smartphone? How about the pair of high heels and dress that you’d love to wear on your night out with your beau in Bangkok? And if you’re one who needs a lot of things, how do you pack it all in a small suitcase or backpack? Check out the following blogs and learn about valuable gadgets and “hacks” that’ll make your trip a smoother affair.

The Travel Hack2-The Travel Hack - The Travel Hack - Mozilla Firefox 3302015 123655 PM

One glance at Monica’s blog and you’ll rightly assume that she has been nearly everywhere in the world. Her clever takes on how to make the most of travel without the hassle are rewarding, and compiled into informative posts such as “5 Tips to Survive Songkran” – a popular festival in Thailand – and “What women should pack when travelling to India”. Her blog is refreshingly personalized, even documenting her pregnancy and birth of her baby boy last week!

Practical Travel Gear3-Practical Travel Gear blog - Mozilla Firefox 3302015 125150 PM

While this isn’t your traditional weblog, it is a great resource to learn about the latest trends in travel gear and anything you might want to bring with you to accentuate your travel experience. With reviews on new travel items ranging from magnetic charging devices to food-storage packs, this blog has humble beginnings as a one-man site and has since evolved into an all-encompassing resource. Plus, the writers behind the blog are well-travelled so they know what they’re talking about.

Nomadic Matt1-Nomadic Matt's Travel Site  Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer - Mozilla Firefox 3302015 123644 PM

Boston native Matt Kepnes has put together a fantastic resource for travelers wanting to smoothen the overall travel experience. His first trip out of the United States was to Thailand at the age of 23, and now at 32 has established himself as a go-to resource for all things travel – including gadgets and hacks, of course. Check out his informative blog post on “Everything You Need To Know About Smartphones When You Travel” for a sampling of what you can learn from an expert on all things travel.

This is our eighth installment of Nezasa Blog Picks. Check back next week for more!

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