Nezasa Blog Picks: Cultural Travel

Nezasa Blog Picks: Cultural Travel

Nezasa Blog Picks: Cultural Travel

To get you inspired for your next vacation, we are doing a series of blog posts to present travel blogs we think you should know about. Each week, we’ll post three blogs covering a specific category or theme. This week, the series covers Cultural Travel.

Travel isn’t just about going somewhere and seeing new things. It’s also about experiencing a culture different from your own. This is the driving force behind many people’s hunger for travel: the exhilarating sense of discovery and new experiences, be it in food, music, dance, and other cultural things that are unique to each and every place you visit. Check out the following blogs which give you some ideas on what to see, do and more importantly, experience in a new country.

Jungles in Paris3-Jungles in Paris  Love on the Water Marriage Rituals of Southeast Asia’s “Sea Gypsies” - Mozilla Firefox 3242015 92756 AM

This wonderfully visual blog believes in finding fresh enlightenment in a well-traversed world, with a major focus on both the globe’s natural surroundings and urban landscapes. With numerous videos and photo journals focusing on fascinating local facets such as the very local Quindio wax palm tree in Colombia’s Cocora Valley, skin-piercing rituals in Ethiopia and the marriage rituals of Thailand’s “Sea Gypsies” – or Moken people – you’ll come from this blog feeling enriched with new knowledge and understanding of the world’s vibrant cultures.

The Funnelogy Channel1-The Funnelogy Channel - Food & Travel Stories - Mozilla Firefox 3242015 105240 AM-001

This uniquely named blog is all about “funneling” multiple travel stories through the eyes of blog founders Nicolas and Gabriela. Their love for engaging local people through the magic of local cuisine and culture inspired them to start this very picturesque blog. Their “Through the Funnel” series focuses on the 12 aspects that stand out in each country they’ve visited, most recently Myanmar. An intriguing and very well-researched blog.

The Cultureur1-Fullscreen capture 3242015 104725 AM

Cultureur founder Nyssa C. launched this hybrid luxury and culture blog in August 2012 after contracting the travel bug when at a Model United Nations conference in Russia and Finland. Since then, she has been writing about what she calls an “organic convergence” of her experiences travelling to more than 50 different countries around the world. She believes strongly that five-star luxury travel and hyper-local culture can indeed go hand-in-hand, and her blog is proof of that. Check out the “Debunked!” list for common myths about specific countries and the “15 Foods You Must Try In…” for culinary choices by country.

This is the seventh post of our series, “Nezasa’s Blog Picks”. Check back next week for our blog picks in the Honeymoon category.

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