Nezasa Blog Picks: Family Travel

Nezasa Blog Picks: Family Travel

Nezasa Blog Picks: Family Travel

To get you inspired for your next vacation, we are doing a series of blog posts to present travel blogs we think you should know about. Each week, we’ll post three blogs covering a specific category or theme. This week, the series covers Family Travel.

We know that traveling with kids can pose a challenge and that many people don’t travel with kids as a result. Not all hope is lost for parents though: Check out the following blogs which provide numerous tips, ideas and advices for traveling and exploring the world with kids. Exploring the world with the whole family can be a wonderful experience with unforgettable memories.

Wander Mom

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Michelle Duffy’s blog is a great collection of her experiences traveling the world with her kids. Her articles focus strongly on pushing the boundaries and fearless travel with children in tow. It’s an inspiring blog with countless ideas on where to travel with your family.

Luxury Travel Mom

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Kim-Marie Evans is a mom of four kids and loves traveling with her entire family. Not only does she travel to upscale places such as the south of France; she also goes to more challenging places including Rwanda. On her blog, you will find valuable travel advice to make your next family trip as enjoyable as hers.


3-Home - FamiliesGo! - Mozilla Firefox 3162015 113224 AM

FamiliesGo! provides high-quality and first-hand advice on family-friendly locations and destinations around the globe. Parents who want to plan their next vacation for the entire family to enjoy – including children, parents and grandparents – will find the numerous articles and reviews here immensely helpful.

This was the sixth post of our series; “Nezasa’s Blog Picks”. Check back next week for our blog picks in Travel & Culture.

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