Nezasa’s Blog Picks: Travel & Food

Nezasa’s Blog Picks: Travel & Food

Nezasa’s Blog Picks: Travel & Food

To get you inspired for your next vacation, we are doing a series of blog posts to present travel blogs we think you should know about. Each week, we’ll post three blogs covering a specific category or theme. This week, the series covers Travel & Food.

Many people say that food is the most rewarding thing about discovering a new country. Local food and dishes let you experience and understand the culture of a foreign country in a different way. Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to understand people’s ways of living.

Visit the following three blogs which focus precisely on this topic. Enjoy and bon appetit!



Aiste is a former top fashion model. She loves to eat and always appreciates the culinary arts. She calls herself a “food-trotter”, as she is very passionate about good food, fine cuisine and global travel while looking out for new gastronomical trends.


Eating Asia

Journalist Robyn Eckhardt and professional photographer David Hagerman are the ones behind this blog, which focuses on home cooking, food markets and artisan producers and ingredients. They cover the whole food process in a very authentic way.


The Funnelogy Channel

Nicolas and Gabriella are a food- and travel-obsessed duo who want to better understand the world through eating everything in sight. On their blog, they bring together recipes and ingredients from all over the world. Not only do they cover food, they also focus on the people they meet along the way.


This was the third post of our series “Nezasa’s Blog Picks”. Check back next week for our blog picks in the category Luxury Traveling.

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