Nezasa’s Blog Picks: Boutique Hotels

Nezasa’s Blog Picks: Boutique Hotels

Nezasa’s Blog Picks: Boutique Hotels

To get you inspired for your next vacation, we started a new series of blog posts to present travel blogs we think you should know about. Each week, we’ll post three blogs covering a specific category or theme. This week, the series covers Boutique Hotels.

Accommodation is, of course, one of the most important parts of the entire travel experience. Unlike standard accommodation options such as large hotel chains, boutique hotels offer a unique and cozy atmosphere where the atmosphere is more akin to a small, luxurious space than a standard hotel.

If you like staying at boutique hotels, have a look at these three blogs and enjoy!



Walter and Katja Schaerer’s travel blog is all about the nice things that life has to offer: top locations, luxury boutique hotels and delectable gourmet restaurants. They review each place very carefully and share their experiences on their blog – with wonderful photographs. Those who prefer reading the German version can do that at


Perfect Boutique Hotel

On Nathalie’s blog you’ll find a handpicked selection of the ultimate boutique hotels around the world. It is important to her to not only look at the standard services and aesthetics, but also the overall experience of a hotel and local area. Her goal is to connect people with an ideal place to stay.


Boutique Travel Blog

In her blog, Kathryn Burrington shares her experiences about discovering exciting new places. The blog definitely helps you find the accommodation to suit the style of travel that you are looking for. This can be either a smart boutique hotel in the city, an eco-lodge in the jungle or the ultimate luxury place on a white, sandy beach.


This was the second post of our series “Nezasa’s Blog Picks”. Check back next week for our blog picks in the category Travel & Food!

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