Nezasa’s Blog Picks: Travel & Lifestyle

Nezasa’s Blog Picks: Travel & Lifestyle

Nezasa’s Blog Picks: Travel & Lifestyle

To get you inspired for your next vacation, we are starting a new series of blog posts where we present travel blogs which are worth looking at. Each post will cover a specific category of travel blogs. This week, we are starting with the category “Travel & Lifestyle”.

Discovering a foreign culture can also mean exploring an unknown lifestyle, getting in touch with hidden trends and capturing the fundamental design elements of a country or area. Have a look at these three amazing blogs which focus on these topics, each doing so in a very different and unique way. Think of it as a source of inspiration for your next vacation!


The Travelling Light

Katy travels around the globe or as she puts it, is “following the light around the globe”. At the same time, she actively looks out for special and secret places and writes about her findings in her blog. She has a gift for capturing the fascinating, less known details of every place she travels to, and describes it in unique and entertaining detail.



The team from 12hrs loves travelling, design, music and fashion. On their blog, they present their own best-of lists of all the places and countries they visit. To keep it simple and organized for the readers, they structure the best tips of every place into a 12-hour travel program. Short and sweet – as they call it!


World of Wanderlust

Brooke Saward is originally from Australia but nowaday she calls herself a global citizen as she is a non-stop traveller with restless feet. On her blog, she provides valuable tips different subjects such as “traveling solo”, “luxury travel” or “technology”. Her posts focus on the lifestyle of every place and every country she visits.


This was the first post of our new series “Nezasa’s Blog Picks”. Check back next week for our blog picks in the category boutique hotels!

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