Nezasa Adds New Destinations

Nezasa Adds New Destinations

Nezasa Adds New Destinations

Nezasa has added new destinations to its ever-growing list of countries in Asia. Imagine a place where people of all stripes, colors, creeds and religious beliefs live together in relative harmony. That place does exist, and it’s in Malaysia. Imagine a place where the jungle is literally next door to – and even within – a vast city state. That place exists as well, and it’s Singapore.

Malaysia is one of the more unique and remarkable places in which to travel. Included in Malaysia’s extensive list of go-to places are Kuala Lumpur and its iconic Petronas Twin Towers – which you have no doubt seen in the movies and in many travelogues – and the many diverse neighbourhoods in its kaleidoscopic streetscape.

5-Myanmar Kuala Lumpur NIght Skyline

Kuala Lumpur’s impressive range of buildings is highlighted by the ever-recognizable Petronas Twin Towers.

Outside of KL – as the locals call the capital – are the Batu Caves, with a stunning 42.7-meter-tall gold statue of a Hindu deity.

4-Malaysia Batu Caves and temples

This gold statue of a Hindu deity in front of the Batu Caves just north of Kuala Lumpur is one of the world’s biggest at 42.7 meters tall.

For tea drinkers, heaven awaits in one of the world’s best tea crops in the very British Cameron Highlands.

The Cameron Highlands are a must-visit for tea lovers.

This former British outpost, the Cameron Highlands, teems with plantations which produce some of the best tea in the world.

But most unique to Malaysia could well be the Street of Harmony in George Town, where a Muslim mosque, an Anglican church, and Hindu and Buddhist temples all actively thrive in peaceful cohabitation next to one another. It’s a refreshing sight for those who may be otherwise jaded by present-day world events, and perhaps a positive inspiration in working together towards a better future.

A stop in famously clean Singapore – one of Asia’s more interesting city states – will reveal a staggering range of attractions ranging from some of the world’s best shopping locales for the ever-trendy fashionista, a starkly diverse range of cuisine choices and an impressive juxtaposition of thriving natural scenes side-by-side with the city itself – including one of the world’s best zoos, orchid gardens and bird sanctuaries.

Singapore's diverse skyline is literally side-by-side with the ocean and jungle.

Singapore’s stunning skyline rises up from the waters.

Is a visit to Malaysia and Singapore in your own future? It could well be. You’ll want to check out Nezasa’s unique itineraries – which include a west-coast adventure and Singapore in its list of stops – and enjoy the many culinary choices, multicultural communities and rich history that make Malaysia and Singapore enriching places to explore.

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