Enter now – time is running out!

Enter now – time is running out!

Enter now – time is running out!

Nezasa’s Dream Trip Contest for 2014 is still open to entries, but you only have until Monday, October 20 to enter. What makes this contest unique and fun is that we don’t just draw a name out of a hat like any other contest. We judge each individual entry based on an essay written by the contestant telling us why they should win.

f you offer a convincing argument why you’re the one who should win the $4,000 grand prize then, the odds may well be in your favour. Enter now and put together an ideal itinerary, and tell us why you should win it. And post that entry in one of your favourite social media channels. That’s all you need to do to have a shot at the dream trip of a lifetime.

Imagine taking a bath with an elephant in India. You can do that.

elephant safari

Interacting with elephants is a time-honoured tradition in India.

Or what about staying at Siem Reap and gazing out at the majestic, well-preserved ruins of Angkor Wat? That’s a possibility too.

siem reap

The stunning ruins of Angkor Wat – which now mesh with their natural surroundings – should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Or take it a step further and go to the ancient kingdom capital of Bagan in Myanmar, home to the world’s largest collection of Buddhist temples and structures in the world with more than 2,000.

Some of the many pagodas are shrouded by a serene mist in Bagan, Myanmar.

Some of the many pagodas are shrouded by a serene mist in Bagan, Myanmar.

Perhaps you’d want to go snorkelling in Boracay and check out all the amazing tropical fish in a kaleidoscopic feast for the eyes.

Boracay Snorkelling

You – and perhaps your kids, too – likely best know these as the “Nemo” fish from the movie. These wonderful nautical creatures of the wilderness beneath the sea are a beauty to see.

Or ramble through the many neonlit streets of nighttime Tokyo, particularly Harajuku, where it feels like no one ever sleeps. Perhaps you like animals, in which case you shouldn’t miss out on one of the world’s smallest monkeys in the Philippine Tarsier. Check out our Quick Guide to other strange animals in the Philippines.


Really, the possibilities are endless. But you know what’s not endless? The Nezasa Dream Trip Contest. If you’re reading this on Thursday, you only have four days until the contest deadline. If you get your entry in by 23:59 CEST (5:59 p.m. on the east coast of the United States) on Monday, then you’re in.

Dreams are like Rome – they can’t be built in a day. But you can come up with your dream trip in a weekend. Enter now!

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