Plan your holiday, stress-free

Plan your holiday, stress-free

Plan your holiday, stress-free

Booking a vacation is one of life’s great pleasures for the modern-day full-time worker. The image of kicking back in a lounge chair under the warm sun with a turquoise blue ocean lapping at your toes in the Philippines – that’s enough to get one salivating at the idea of traveling to a new place.

Or maybe you’re a history/culture buff and you want to check out the Buddhist temples in Thailand.

Perhaps you want to see fascinating animals in their natural habitat in Sri Lanka. Or travel back in time to old-world Japan.

You start by looking online at the multitudes of options out there. You read top-5 blog posts on the best things to do/see/experience in each country, and subsequent top-5 blog posts on each of those things. Your heart rate starts to quicken. You find yourself getting nervous.

And then once you’re in the country, during a time where you should be able to finally relax, you’re still stressed out. You waste hours figuring out how to get from the airport to your hotel, how to catch the bus or train to that must-see attraction two hours away from where you are, where to find a good place to eat where you know the food is good… the list goes on. Unpredictability and spontaneity has its place in travel, but not at the cost of enjoying your holiday.

Stress during a holiday is well-documented, particularly in a recent study conducted by Shawn Achor, founder of GoodThink, and happiness researcher Michelle Gielan of the Institute of Applied Positive Research.

In Harvard Business Review, Achor writes:

“74 percent find the most stressful aspect of travel to be figuring out the details: travel uncertainty, transportation, wasting time figure things out on the trip, and being unfamiliar with the location. Instead of suffering, ask for help. Find a good travel agent to plan some of this for you.”

The Harvard Business Review Management Tip of the Day for May 23, 2014 seconds this:

“[V]acations can often cause stress, especially if they’re poorly planned, and this wastes the benefit of time off. If you plan for a positive, well-managed vacation, you can return to work happier and with more energy.”

Effective holiday planning is essential, but even more so, having a trustworthy host at the destination can bring immense reward. Achor confirms this:

“On the best trips, 77 percent knew and met with a local host or had a knowledgeable friend, which was 35 percent more than on the worst trips.”

In fact, with approved local hosts in the destination country, Nezasa’s itineraries include informed tour guides who will take you to fascinating places, local experts who know all the interesting stories and backgrounds of each place you visit, and professional drivers who will pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel and back again.
With all these little details sorted out, you’re free to savor your experience in your destination country and make your trip a truly memorable one.

So, stressed-out employees and managers should use Nezasa. With customized trips at your fingertips and partnerships with local tour operators in the destination country, Nezasa’s itineraries are specifically designed for a relaxing holiday – allowing you to experience your vacation the way it should be experienced: stress-free.

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