Travel Meetup

Travel Meetup

Dear Followers, we thought we might tell you about our team’s recent experiences at the Zurich World Travelers. It’s a Meetup for people who enjoy traveling and who regularly meet to hear interesting talks and exchange their own experiences.

The last 2 events were about Africa and South America. First, Milan Brown talked about a long journey where he and his partner visited 20 African countries and covered 75’000 KM of land on their own. During that trip, he also fell in love with wildlife photography which you can find on his blog,

Last week, Walter Schärer and Katja Birrer of and talked about a 5-week trip to Chile & Argentina, what it means to be a travel blogger and how they managed to write an article for the Swiss Board Magazine. Check out their coverage of this talk on their blog.

Thanks a lot to those speakers and we’re looking forward to many great events to come!

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