Quick Guide to Best Golf Courses in Vietnam

Quick Guide to Best Golf Courses in Vietnam

Quick Guide to Best Golf Courses in Vietnam

Imagine going on a vacation that doesn’t involve life on a crowded beach, jostling for a prime spot so you can take a photo of a world landmark, or pushing your way through crowds of tourists trying to catch a glimpse of something you’ve travelled halfway around the world to see.

Instead, you find yourself on a golf teeing ground with club in hand, testing the breeze in the warm sunshine, gazing out over beaches, oceans and rolling hills, and breathing the gentle fresh air. More so, imagine doing that for the day, and then heading back to your hotel for a delectable Vietnamese dinner and a show.


Yes, the country may conjure up images of tropical beaches, delicious food, colorful theater shows and idyllic island paradises, but the country has now become one of the world’s newest golfing hotspots.

Even golfing legends such as Australian Greg Norman and Scotsman Colin Montgomerie have designed courses here which are now considered to be among the world’s best.

Moreover, the country was the recipient of the International Association of Golf Tour Operators Golf Destination of the Year Award in 2013, making it a prime destination if you want to hone your teeing skills in an exotic locale.

With that in mind, Nezasa is pleased to announce a number of options for golfing enthusiasts who want to mix a bit of Vietnamese culture and history along the way. The Central Vietnam Golf Tour offers a full golf immersion with three championship courses in one itinerary, situated alongside exotic sandy beaches around Hoi An.

The Vietnam Golf Trail offers trips to a few of the same courses offered in the Central Vietnam Golf Tour but starting in northern Vietnam – where some of the world’s most scenic golf courses are – and ending in southern Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City.

If you simply want the tropical experience to go along with your golfing activities, the Tropical Vietnam Golf itinerary takes you to courses in Hoi An and Danang on the central Vietnam coast.

To put it in perspective for you, we assembled a quick guide for golfing in Vietnam that you’ll want to keep handy when touring the country’s golf courses.

Download it here, print it out or save it on your tablet or smartphone, and you’re on your way.

Find our quick guide here: Best Golf Courses in Vietnam

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