Mystical Northern Thailand

Mystical Northern Thailand

Mystical Northern Thailand

Guest Review: For the first time on the Nezasa Blog we have the pleasure to introduce Stefan, our Chairman, who just came back from his trip to Thailand. Let’s see what he has to say!

While most of Thailand’s visitors enjoy the beaches of the south and its surrounding islands, but there are many more things this fascinating country has to offer.

Intrigued by what my girlfriend and I could discover in northern Thailand, Nezasa seemed to be the perfect solution. In no time we were able to tailor a journey to our needs and were excited about meeting their local partner.

Starting in Bangkok, our trip stretched all the way to the “Golden Triangle”, where Thailand borders Laos and Myanmar. On the way, we came across the historical parks of the Sukhothai area, which turned out to be our favorite highlight.


Founded in 1238, this city served as the capital of the Thai Empire for about 140 years. Today, a large amount of various temples can be visited in a wide area justifying its belonging to the list of World Heritage Sites. In total, there are 193 ruins spread across 70 km2 of very green land that invite visitors to stroll around and discover hidden architectural treasures.

What fascinated us the most was the cultural richness of this area as the temples, among them the famous Wat Mahathat & Wat Si Chum, were all constructed in different epochs and therefore have very distinct architectural styles. We also witnessed quite a bit of foreign influence through the design of some temples. For example, Wat Sri Sawai, influenced by Khmers (today’s Cambodians), reminded us of some of the patterns and structures that can be seen in Angkor Wat.

Later in the day, the hopeless romantics we are, we set on an evening visit of the National Park. Stumbling upon local shops that rented out bikes to whom may want, we set off to explore the huge park on our own. Cycling into the sunset and visiting temples that shone in the warm light will certainly remain a special moment of our journey, not to say our lives.

Si Satchanalai Historical Park

North of Sukhothai and on road 101 towards the city of Lampang, we came across Si Satchanalai Historical Park. This park, being visited by fewer tourists, felt somewhat remote and certainly more mystical than Sukhothai Historical Park. Some of the temples even take root deep in the forest which required us to climb steep steps in order to get there. However, the reward for that effort was worth every single drop of sweat!

Thanks to Nezasa and our local guide, who introduced us to these amazing historical parks, this was an unforgettable experience and something that can be highly recommended to travelers who want to explore the cultural heritage of Thailand.

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