On Top of the World in China

On Top of the World in China

On Top of the World in China

It’s time to slip on your hiking shoes and discover the most sacred and famous mountains of China!

During the cultural revolution, a lot of the Buddhist monasteries built by the pilgrims were destroyed but a recent revival in traditions have helped to restore these vestiges of the past. They are wonderful places to visit not only to hike and experience Chinese nature, as beautiful as it is, but also to understand why those mountains are sacred in Chinese beliefs. Even though these mountain trails can be a bit of a hike, you won’t find secluded trails but rather stone steps carved out of the mountainside making these peaks accessible to anyone.

Starting in Beijing, the itinerary kicks off with visits to a wide variety of world-class sites including the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Heading west, the next stop is Xi’an, which not only boasts the famous Terracotta Warriors but also Huashan (or Mount Hua), one of China’s Five Great Mountains. Indeed, according to Chinese geomancy, those mountains are arranged in line with the five cardinal directions. Since the Han Dynasty (140-87 BC), these summits have been the ritual sites of imperial worship and sacrifice.

Following Xi’an, the trip heads to Chengdu, from which you can visit Emeishan (or Mount Emei), one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. Leaving the best for last, you will then encounter the mountainous Yunnan province, which visits the foothills of the Himalaya. The region features impressive landscapes, the Tibetan cultural town of newly named Shangri-La (formerly Zhongdian), and the beautiful Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Shika Snow Mountain.

“Famous mountains of China” is a great itinerary for travellers who don’t only want to see China’s large cities, but also its impressive sceneries of sacred mountains. With many of China’s classic highlights included, this itinerary offers a fantastic and thorough introduction for visitors who want to make the most of their first visit.

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