Kerala: “God’s Own Country”

Kerala: “God’s Own Country”

Kerala: “God’s Own Country”

Have you ever wanted to explore the most diverse area of India?

From lush forests of trees providing shelter to more than 25% of India’s plant species to clean golden beaches and a remarkable variety of culture, Kerala is the destination you will want to head to this year. Its diversity of landscapes has earned Kerala the nickname of “God’s own country”.

In addition to its natural beauty, Kerala  has many other highlights waiting for you: For example, spectacular animals like elephants and tigers, the famous Ayurveda treatments or the incredible diversity of spices that makes Indian food so special.

Today we’re proud to announce three more suggested travel routes on Nezasa that will introduce you to the beauty of Kerala.

Spice Coast Kerala” takes you through all of Kerala in a trip that you can do in less than 2 weeks. But whoever wants to spend some days doing Ayurveda in Kumarakom or relaxing on the beaches of Kovalam should plan to stay a bit longer. You can use the Nezasa planning tool to easily extend the trip in the corresponding places.

From Colorful Delhi to Exotic Kerala” is a similar route but it starts and ends in Delhi. This allows you to feel the vibrancy and the colors of India’s capital before dashing off to the more laid-back state of Kerala. At the end of this trip, you will return to Delhi for your flight home.

Kanyakumar - India's furtherest point of landmass

Kanyakumar – India’s furtherest point of landmass

Vibrant Rajasthan & Tranquil Kerala” combines the splendour of Rajasthan with the beauty of Kerala. It leads you to the highlights of both regions and allows you to experience two of the most famous sides of India in one trip.

Kerala's Tamil Nadu Hindu Temple

Kerala’s Tamil Nadu Hindu Temple

Check out all our India offerings in one glance on Nezasa and take off to an unforgettable experience! If you book before Jan 15th, you can even profit from our special 10% Christmas discount.

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