National Sports of the Nezasa Destinations

National Sports of the Nezasa Destinations

National Sports of the Nezasa Destinations

Visiting sport happenings in your travel destinations is always a great idea. Sports tell you a lot about the people of a country, and on top of it, they are often very spectacular! In this blog, we present one particular sport that’s worth seeing per travel destination you find on


From our Vietnamese colleague Hoan, we know first hand that the “chinese hacky sack” is big in his country. Young and old people enjoy playing dá cầu wherever they find some space. Its aim is to keep a shuttlecock in the air by using using all parts of their bodies except for the arms. Either it is played artistically where the players show off skills and figures or on a court similar to badminton.

The Shuttlecocks used for dá cầu are often hand-made of four feathers which are fixed into a rubber sole or plastic disc and tend to look really colorful. The first game of Jiànzi, the game’s Chinese name, was first played in the 5th century BC in China from where it spread all over the Asian continent.


India’s most popular sport was first recorded in the 16th century. Cricket originated in England and spread across most Commonwealth countries after first international games were held in 1844. It is a bat-and-ball sports with similarities to baseball and is played with two teams of 11 players. One team is on the field whilst their opponents bat, trying to score runs. The bowler throws the ball and the batsman hits it and tries to run to the end of the pitch to score points.

Cricket hat become way more than the most popular sport in India; it has become big business. These days, seven of the world’s ten biggest cricket stadiums are located in India and hold at least 55’000 visitors. India’s biggest Stadium, the Eden Gardens in Calcutta, with a capacity of 90’000 is home to the Kolkata Knight Riders. Not only stadiums but also salaries are huge! India’s best paid player, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, earns $26.5M per year which is more than 20’000 times the average of India’s per capita income.


Takraw is where football meets volleyball. Although it isn’t Thailand’s national sport (martial art muay thai is) it is a spectacular must-see for all travelers.

Takraw was originally invented by Malaysian Royals. This explains why the game’s complete name Sepak Takraw is a mix of Malay and Thai. “Sepak” means kick in Malay and “Takraw” is the word for “ball” in Thai.

The rules are very similar to volleyball with the following three major exceptions: you can’t use the hands, there are only 3 players per team, and every player may only touch the ball once before it crosses the net again.


Ma Long is the “Roger Federer” of Table Tennis. He has won several World Championships, World Cups and other Table Tennis Opens. At the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 and in London 2012 the Chinese national team has won all possible gold medals. It was even rumored that recent changes in rules were solely made to break Chinese dominance in international Ping Pong.

In April 1972, Mao Zedong invited the US table tennis team to visit China. For this event, also known as “Ping Pong Diplomacy”, exhibition matches were held in Hong Kong and also included the US team visiting the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and watching a ballet. Upon this visit former US president Richard Nixon travelled to China to visit Mao Zedong what lead to the resumption of diplomatic relations between China and the US.

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