Introducing India

Introducing India

Introducing India

Today, we have the pleasure to announce our newest destination: India, one of the most diverse countries of the world.

India is often cited as a “continent within a continent” because of its great diversity. India can provide you with experiences which you will likely remember throughout your lifetime. You have the opportunity to explore both India’s abundance of Imperial treasures as well as experience its rich heritage and vibrant culture. India provides a treat to the traveler’s eyes (and taste buds) and is renowned as a paradise for photographers due to the vivid colours, the diversity of wildlife and the variety of people and landscapes.

Our first route in India leads you through Rajasthan, India’s largest state. Rajasthan is what people think of when they think of India – never-ending festivals, colorful turbans, shimmering deserts, thick jungles and kaleidoscopic fashion in its people. This is India at its hot-and-spicy, tiger-and-elephant best.

Check out “Highlights of Rajasthan”, an itinerary that introduces you to Rajasthan at its most magnificent. And as with all itineraries on Nezasa, you can personalize it to make sure that it fits your interests like a glove.

While you start exploring our first travel suggestion in India, our local Indian partner is already working on more amazing trips. So stay tuned, there is much more coming!

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