China: Southern Provinces and Shanghai

China: Southern Provinces and Shanghai

China: Southern Provinces and Shanghai

Combining the expertise of our local partners and the dynamics at Nezasa brought forth a beautiful set of new trips to China.

Our most recent offer “Classic China and the Southern Provinces” starts in lively Beijing and takes you to more rural Shangri-La region close to Tibet and the impressive Himalayan Mountain Range. This region is strongly influenced by Tibetan culture and offers its visitors a calm and less touristic experience. All in all, this trip offers the perfect combination of big city modernity, beautiful landscapes and historical monuments.

Not only have we enlarged our offering by a new region, we’ve also added new trips in and around Shanghai. Highlights like “The Legendary West Lake” or our “Short Sampler Trip” would add perfectly to your business trip to China. The duration of about seven days is not too long to get back to work in time, but still leaves you enough time to become more familiar with the Chinese history and culture.

Shanghai, one of our favorite destinations, is now also available as a starting point for our round trips “China: Cultural and Natural Heritage” and “China’s Triangle of Capitals”. From now on, it will be your own choice whether to start your round trip in Shanghai or Beijing.

After putting a lot of work into our new destination Vietnam, we are happy to announce news for China. Take a close look at our new offerings and start planning your individual trip to the People’s Republic of China.

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