Gooood Morning Vietnam!

Gooood Morning Vietnam!

Gooood Morning Vietnam!

We’re super excited to announce the first offering of our second destination, Vietnam. It’s a trip that takes you through Vietnam’s four most important cities, from north to south.

Vietnam is a country that has significantly opened itself up to the rest of the world since the millenium and is developing at a rapid pace. In the first decade of this century, Vietnam’s economic growth has been among the biggest of all countries in the world. This has led to a sparkling contrast between the old culture, lifestyle and tradition (which is still very prominent everywhere in Vietnam) and the modern world.

We are very happy to have found the ideal Vietnam operator with whom we have a very close relationship. A representative of this operator has been working with us for months to guide our development in the right direction.

The first Vietnam trip “Classic Vietnam” is only the beginning of Nezasa’s Indochina coverage. Expect more in this region to come soon, for example trips through all of Indochina (including Laos and Cambodia) and specialized golf tours. Our Vietnam partner knows these countries like their own backyard and is putting all that expertise into the corresponding offerings.

Currently, the “Classic Vietnam” trip focuses on selected boutique hotels that provide a high level of service. However, for those of you who prefer cheaper hotel options, a corresponding selection will be added to the trip soon.

Enjoy Vietnam!

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